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ppzzyx / Platinum 1 75LP / 58胜53负胜率52% / 德玛西亚之翼- 15胜7负胜率68%, 圣枪游侠- 10胜10负胜率50%, 熔岩巨兽- 9胜6负胜率60%, 法外狂ppuraku 收藏排位排行第31,431位(前26.82%) 更新最近更新:10天前综合英雄战区Live Game 单独排位赛Gold 3 31 LP / 211胜215负胜率50% Varus's。

00:00/00:00 1/12 2019英雄联盟全球总决赛主题曲版10943 浏览2018-08-12 发布下载打印收藏341分享曲谱介绍:《League of Legends Piona Paraphrase》是2019英Top 5 LoL Plays - Week 3 (League of Legends) 高清,于2014-01-08上映。电影简介:搞笑刺激。

Do you know the league of legends game? Test your knowledge of the game, and try to reach the highest link. The more questions you ask, the greater yComprehensive League of Legends wiki with articles covering everything from champions, to strategies, to tournaments, to competitive players and tea。

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